• Vision Care Services

  • Our vision care services includes prescribing corrective lenses, contact lenses, aniseikonic (image size lenses) lenses, low vision aids and vision therapy.

    Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you choose from our wide range of designer, budget, or sport frames, lenses and contact lenses and sunglasses.

  • Treatments
  • Eye Treatments & Therapies

  • Dry Eye Therapies

    The ocular surface and tear film are integral to good vision and comfortable eyes.  As we age, pass menopause, or expose ourselves to high levels of UV light, our tear film will be compromised. This often leads to Dry Eye Syndrome.

    We have in-house eye therapy for Dry Eyes available including IPL Therapy. With this, shots of Intense Pulsed Light are directed at the lower eyelids to stimulate the specialised glands at the base of the eyelashes to produce more of the oil that mixes with the tear film to make it less evaporative.  

    We also perform Blephasteam and Dermabrasion of the lower lids to assist with further clearance of the glands.

  • Optical Lab
  • Optical Laboratory

  • Blenheim In-House Optical Workshop

    We also have an on-site workshop and optical technician at our Blenheim practice where we fit and cut lenses to your frames. This allows us to offer in-house glazing and to do most repair work to our patients' spectacle frames on-site.

    This means that they need not go without their glasses for a lengthy period while new prescriptive lenses are being made up for them or a frame repair is undertaken. The patients are usually without their glasses for an hour or two while the lenses are being fitted in our workshop. Simple single vision distance or reading glasses can be made up within a few hours if necessary.

    We can mend and modify frames without having to send them out of town.

    The video belows shows a behind-the-scenes look of the making of an Essilor lens. The last stage of the process, Edging & Mounting, is what is usually done in our in-house optical lab (see from time 4:26 in the video).

  • Repair Work on Spectacles

    • Replace nose pads
    • Replace frame screws
    • Straighten bent frames
    • Replace temples
    • Repair broken nylon on semi-rimless frames
    • Broken frames can be sent to our repair company for soldering