• Eye Examinations

  • No doubt, your health, and that of your loved ones, is important to you. Regular eye examinations are as important as medical check-ups and should be part of your health care routine.

    Your vision changes throughout your life, and to get the most from it, you should get your eyes check at least every two years even if you’re not having any vision issues.

    Many of the changes caused by eye diseases, such as glaucoma, develop slowly without obvious signs or symptoms. Regular check-ups ensure that there is the best chance of detecting or controlling any eye disease.

    Moreover, your eyes are the windows to your health. Besides vision-related diseases, optometrists can detect early signs of medical conditions and diseases before other more noticeable symptoms begin to appear.

    The eye exam includes evaluation of adult vision, decisions on appropriate lens type and design for the work place and the health status of the eye itself.

  • What's Involved in an Eye Exam?

    During an examination, the clarity and comfort of your vision, as well as the general health of your eyes will be checked. This normally takes up to 40 minutes.

    A series of painless tests (using the latest technology and equipment) will be carried out to measure the strength of prescription lenses, and if these lenses should be necessary for efficient vision.

    There will also be checks to ensure that both of your eyes are working together correctly. Remember to mention any blurred vision, headaches, sore or red eyes and double vision.

    While the vision concerns differ from infants to school-age kids to adults to the elderly, a comprehensive eye exam generally includes the following elements:

    • Medical History
    • Vision Health History
    • Medication Investigation
    • Check for Medical Conditions
    • Preliminary Vision Testing
    • Visual Acuity Testing
    • Physical Examination

    At the end of the eye exam, your optometrist will discuss your diagnosis and vision care options with you. If ready- made spectacles are suitable for your eyes, you will be advised of the correct power for your specific needs.

    Depending on the findings, additional tests may be carried out or requested. It may be necessary to refer you to an Ophthalmologist or Medical Practitioner for additional treatment.

  • Specialty Eye Exam Services

    We are also able to offer children’s vision assessment and vision therapy in cases where there are reading or learning difficulties.

    Before your child starts school, your optometrist can test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and eye movement. It is important to find and address any visual problems early before they interfere with your child’s education.

    ✅ WORK & SAFETY:
    We are fully accredited and offer full support to Maritime Safety, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Police Force and New Zealand Air Force. We also work with Land Transport for driver's licence re-certification. We are a preferred Supplier for Ministry of Social Development clients as well as an ACC provider.

    See the Safety Eyewear section on our Products page for more info on the prescription safety spectacles we provide.

    We are also able to offer very competitive rates for safety-related eye examinations. This is for a standard eye examination and includes VDU paperwork as required. (NOTE: contact lens examinations, fields, photos and OCT retinal scans are not included in this price as they are more complex and would come at additional cost).

    And we are also able to offer your staff and their families an additional discount on any frames they purchase from us in the future as a bulk discount rate (excluded are any items already on sale).

    We are also able to advise on work stations lighting and safety programs.

    We are trained to remove foreign bodies from eyes. We can also treat anterior eye disease such as Conjunctivitis, Iritis and Red Eye.

    We will evaluate patients pre- and post-iteratively for cataracts and refractive laser surgery.

  • Eye Exam Technology

  • We have our own Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) which is state-of-the-art technology used across the world to assess, within microns, the thickness of the retinal fibre layer at the back of the eye.

    This is invaluable in cases where there are suspicions of glaucoma or macular degenerative changes, diabetic eye disease or retinal bleeds and detachments (see video below).

    We have a Retinal Camera so retinal photography is routinely performed – it gives really good baseline evidence against which changes to the retina can be monitored at subsequent visits.  

    We also offer computer-assisted visual field testing which is another very important tool in the detection of glaucoma or abnormalities along the optic nerve.

    Another important tool we routinely use is the Visioffice Digital Dispensing System. This all-in-one dispensing unit allows us to take a quick and accurate measurement to provide advice on selecting a frame or to make recommendations on various lens designs. We also use the Visioffice to educate our patients about various aspects related to eye care (see video below).

  • Payment Options

    Payment in full is preferred at the time of collection of the job or completion of the appointment.

    Discount on frames lenses and products ( Not Examination Fee's) is given to Gold Card and Grey Power Card holders. An Enable Subsidy is available for school-age children if the parents have a Community Services Card.


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