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  • Notes of Appreciation

  • Dear Noel and Staff

    When I rang the other day and spoke to your receptionist and she said “you need to be seen” I instantly knew she had taken control of the situation.

    So when I arrived and she was filling out forms and said that “Noel will be ready soon”, I felt reassured things were under control.

    'Professionalism' is a word bandied around these days but seldom lived up to, except in this case. Thoroughly professional, relaxed and efficient.

    Thanks for your service, Steve

  • Dear Noel

    I take this opportunity to thank you for the service I received on having my eyes tested for my driving application.

    Your pro-gratis adjustment and replacement with other lenses has touched me deeply. I thought such care had passed by, you have restored my beliefs.

    Again I thank you, Walter

  • Dear Noel

    As we have moved to the North Island I can no longer enjoy your excellent service. Best wishes to Noel, Sally and the team.


  • Dear Mr Templeton

    I am grateful that you have given me new confidence in my glasses.

    I was unsure what to expect with the appointment, especially being attended by the specialist and owner of your company.

    Please accept my appreciation, Rose

  • Dear Staff

    Many thanks for your wonderful service with our Mum from Waterlea.

    Your service is exceptional.

    Thanks again, Maria

  • To Jenny and Helen,

    Thank you ever so much for the glasses you prepared for me. I am now able to read my books, do needle work and enjoy the pleasurable tasks of doing the daily crossword puzzles.

    Thank you again for helping me in making these pleasures possible.

    Sincerely, Nancy

  • Dear Noel & members of your staff,

    Just a note to say very many thanks for discovering the start of glaucoma in both my eyes. I have been seen at Wairau Hospital by Mr French who has confirmed your findings.

    As far as I know there has not been glaucoma in my family so it has been a good wake up call. Our 4 adult children have all been alerted to keep this in mind when having eye examinations.

    Again, very many thanks for your professionalism and help.

    Regards, Helen