• Contact Lens Fitting

  • Using contact lenses is one option for vision correction in many cases of impaired vision. If you're considering contacts, we invite you to come in for a consultation.

    Orthokeratology RGP lenses worn over night to reshape the cornea for Myopia control  ORTHO-K

    We specialise in Keratoconic Lens Fitting – it makes really good vision possible for people with keratoconus who cannot achieve useful vision with spectacles. See videos below for more about keratoconus.

    At the time of the consultation, your Optometrist will decide on which contact lens is suitable for your individual needs.

    You will be shown how to insert and remove the lenses – not always an easy feat. Each patient usually develops their own technique after time and lots of practice.

    Depending on the contact lens type, lens cleaning has become very simple with the use of multipurpose solutions.

    Finding the right contact lens for you can involve several appointments. Your comfort and clear vision is our main concern.

    Annual eye examinations are recommended for contact lens wearers.

  • Contact Lens Options

    All contact lenses fall into one of these main categories:

    • Silicon Hydrogel (advanced soft)
    • Hydrogel (soft)
    • Gas Permeable (GP)
    • Hybrid
    • Ortho-K

    They are further categorised based on other factors.

    As such, there are numerous lens options available including:

    • Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
    • Weekly Disposable Contact Lenses
    • Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses
    • Yearly Disposable Contact Lenses
    • Day & Night Contact Lenses
    • Decorative Contact Lenses
    • Bifocal Contact Lenses
    • Toric Contact Lenses

    We have a extensive range of contact lenses and related products in store.

  • Payment Options

    Payment in full is preferred at the time of collection of the job or completion of the appointment.

    Discount on frames lenses and products ( Not Examination Fee's) is given to Gold Card and Grey Power Card holders. An Enable Subsidy is available for school-age children if the parents have a Community Services Card.


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