• What to expect after Cataract Surgery

    10th February, 2014
  • Modern advancements have made small incision cataract surgery one of the most successful procedures done in medicine today. Healing after surgery depends on the cooperation of the patient, when you return to your home plan to spend the day resting quietly with small incision surgery you will have fewer restrictions than conventional cataract surgery. It’s more likely you’ll have a speedier recovery and your vision will improve sooner, however avoid excessive straining that may create abnormal pressure in the eye such as heavy lifting, it’s perfectly okay to do chores around the house but again do not strain use common sense in choosing what to do and not to do if you work at a desk in an office you can return to work whenever you want but you may find your eyes are tired though.

    If you do any strenuous type of work you should consult your doctor as to when it’s all right to return also be careful not to fall or bump your head getting into the car, your vision maybe blurry at first. You may resume your normal diet and resumed taking your usual medications

    It’s a good idea to wear your old glasses if they are still suitable, sunglasses help as with the cataract removed there is much more light getting to the retina. Your old glasses may not help you see better in the operated eye but they will protect it from accidental injury, before you go to bed you should apply your eye shield as shown in the video. Use this shield at night and during naps until the doctor says it’s okay to discontinue, keep your eye from getting submerged in water for a week or so taking a shower is usually ok, provided you protect the eye from the water.

    If you have mild discomfort you may take non aspirin pain relief. It is normal for your eye to water for a few days and appear slightly red if you notice your vision becoming suddenly worse see flashes of light inside your eyes or see what appears to be a curtain coming down in your field of vision call your Ophthalmoligist or Optometrist

    You will notice everything is brighter and slightly blue compared to the other eye this is normal as cataracts make things duller and yellow as they develope

    Young Woman Dripping Eyes

    Young woman dripping eyes, eyes care

    All patients are given medication in the form of drops after surgery if these medications are not applied properly they won’t do you much good take note of the video for installation tips.


    Most commonly

    Maybe a combination antibiotic/steriod drop

    or An antibiotic for several days and a steriod drop for 2 to several weeks

    Make shore you SHAKE the Steriod drop if in doubt shake both

    It is common for spectacles to be required for certain tasks after cataract surgery and these should be up dated 3-4 weeks after surgery, often a transistion lens is usefull as glare is often a problem.

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