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    7th August, 2015
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    Crizal Prevenca Lenses

    Kids Eye Health


    UV Blue-violet light

    Damaging UV and Blue-Violet light is everywhere and because of today’s digital lifestyle, kids are especially at risk

    Crizal Prevencia Kids

    A new lens has recently been launched – By Essilor 

    “Crizal Prevencia Kids” is designed to filter the harmful blue-violet and UV light from screens and digital devices.

    This is the light that causes cataracts and age related macular degeneration

    Children’s eyes are developing and sensitive – the tissues are delicate and exposure at a young age is not recommended.  The Prevencia lens will help protect young eyes and keep children more comfortable.

    They are impact resistant to be able to with stand heavy use and can be made up with or without prescription so even if a child has so-called “perfect eyes” and is not in need of visual correction, they can still get the protection the lenses afford them.

    If a Community Services card applies then the enable subsidy would cover this Total

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