• My Bell’s Palsy Story

    5th February, 2014
  • I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG Add me on Twitter! @Caitlizzy_ I wanted to make a video of my story because you don’t see too many on here. I got Bell’s Palsy when I …

    Bells Palsy is a weakness or paralysis of one side of the face inability to close one eye, excessive drooling. due to an isolated seventh nerve palsy.

    Bell’s palsy is one type of idiopathic acute facial nerve paralysis, which is more accurately described as a multiple cranial nerve ganglionitis that involves the facial nerve, and most likely results from viral infection and also sometimes as a result of Lyme disease. Iatrogenic Bell’s palsy may also be as a result of an incorrectly placed dental local-anaesthetic (Inferior alveolar nerve block). Although giving the appearance of a hemi-pelagic stroke, effects dissipate with the drug. When the facial nerve is permanently damaged due to a birth defect, trauma, or other disorder, surgery including a cross facial nerve graft or mesenteric facial nerve transfer may be performed to help regain facial movement.

    Here are some Personal Bell’s Palsy Videos