• Angle Closure Glaucoma or Acute Glaucoma

    5th February, 2014

  • Closed Angle Glaucoma accounts for less than 10% of glaucoma cases in the United States, but as many as half of glaucoma cases in other nations (particularly Asian countries). About 10% of patients with closed angles present with acute angle closure crises characterized by:

    sudden ocular pain often in the early hours of the morning

    seeing halos around lights

    red eye, very high inter-ocular pressure (>30 mmHg) ,

    nausea and vomiting,

    suddenly decreased vision,

    and a fixed, mid-dilated pupil. It is also associated with an oval pupil in some cases.

    Acute Glaucoma


    Gonioscopy describes the use of a goniolens (also known as a gonioscope) in conjunction with a slit lamp or operating microscope to gain a view of the iridocorneal angle, or the anatomical angle formed between the eye’s cornea and iris. The importance of this process is in diagnosing and monitoring various eye conditions associated with glaucoma.


    Angle Closure Glaucoma Acute Glaucoma

    Narrow Angles can only be detected during an eye exam by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist

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